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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you considering refinishing your kitchen cabinets? Assuming you seek pros in kitchen cabinet painting in Scarborough, Ontario, we like to assure you of our company’s expertise.

House Painters Scarborough goes all out to ensure the complete satisfaction of each & every customer. We listen, observe, focus on details, and make sure all phases of the cabinet painting project are accurately done. If you want to paint kitchen cabinets in Scarborough and want tip-top service at budget-friendly rates, you have already found your painting team.

Specializing in kitchen cabinet painting in Scarborough

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Scarborough

We cover Scarborough kitchen cabinet painting needs. We have been doing so for a very long time. It’s vital to mention our team’s experience with all types of cabinets and materials. Cabinets are painted with coatings and finishing products suitable for the surface’s material. Overall, the products recommended by our team are ideal for spaces, like the kitchen, where the steam alone is enough to take a toll.

Kitchen cabinets are thoroughly prepped and finished

Before finished, cabinets are prepped. They are sanded, cleaned, and fixed. Surfaces are prepared for the finishing stage so that the results will be perfect. With meticulous preparation, kitchen cabinet dents and all imperfections are tackled. Also, the applied primers and finishing coatings adhere well, ensuring resistance and longevity.

The process of having the kitchen cabinets painted is simple. It starts with you letting us know about your project and making an appointment for a non-obligatory and free estimate and consultation. If you entrust the job to us, the appointed pros show up as scheduled to remove the cabinets and prep all surfaces. And then, prime and finish the cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing – options to meet all needs

Services usually involve painting kitchen cabinets. If you want other parts of the kitchen painted along, be sure to let us know. For example, you may want crown molding painting. Or, the door and walls painted too. Any project you have in mind – and any painting combination, be certain that we’ve got you covered.

Now, if we want to focus on kitchen cabinets, let us assure you that we are available for all finishing jobs.

  •          Kitchen cabinets and cupboards painting. All cabinets in the kitchen can be painted – over- & under-counter cabinets, kitchen island cabinets, drawers, etc.
  •          All kitchen cabinets and drawers can be repainted too. If old coatings are peeling off, what you need is cabinet repainting. Be sure that the prep stage involves the necessary sanding, among other things.
  •          When it comes to wooden cabinets, some people prefer to simply stain them. Thus, enhancing the appeal without losing the beauty of wood.
Ready to have your kitchen cabinets finished?

Want to talk about your cabinet refinishing preferences? Discuss your project? Get a free estimate and consultation – free of obligation too? Talk with us. If you want to refresh the kitchen’s appearance or if you want to do something drastic about your cabinets, turn to us for finishing solutions and service that ensures longevity and excellence at all levels. If you think it’s time to take a step closer to kitchen cabinet painting, Scarborough’s most experienced team is at your service. Get in touch with us.