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Whether for exterior or interior house painting, Scarborough ON homeowners can fully count on our company. We take over all projects and are experienced with all painting services – rest assured. Never hesitate to contact our team. We welcome small jobs and have both the means and the skills to handle big jobs. Whatever your request, whatever your needs, you can consider them done. If you want any job at all, feel confident contacting House Painters Scarborough.

Scarborough house painting services

House Painting Scarborough

We are at your service if you want to inquire about a house painting in Scarborough, Ontario. Let our team answer your questions or send a pro to thoroughly discuss your personal needs. How else would you get an estimate? And you will be happy to hear that the estimates are free of cost and obligation.

With that said, let us give some information about the services. Actually, the house painting service list is quite long and includes anything you may ever need. Want the interior of the house painted? The exterior painted? Both? Just sections of your home? For any house painting, Scarborough’s best team is ready to serve.

Exterior house painting service

Are you looking for a specialized in exterior house painting contractor in Scarborough? Let us do the honors! In spite of the size, shape, and condition of the house’s exterior, you can count on our expertise. Part of painting the exterior is perfecting the surfaces. All exterior surfaces are weathered and so all surfaces are prepped as required, based on the material and the surface’s condition.

The appointed house painters wash, clean, sand, remove old paints, fix glitches, caulk, and take care of all problems. Once all surfaces are perfected, they are primed and painted as needed. Let us assure you of our experience with all materials. And of our commitment to always use paints appropriate for exterior use and the material in question. No wonder the results are phenomenal.

Of course, the service may include painting the deck, the fence, the siding, the doors, the walls – all parts of the house’s exterior.

Interior house painting service

In quest of Scarborough house painters to refinish some interior walls or doors? Want the living room or the kitchen painted? Once again, you tell us which parts of the interior you want to be painted. It may be just the basement, just the kitchen cabinets, just the bedrooms, or the entire home.

It doesn’t matter if you simply like to refresh the interior, change the colors, remove wallpaper and paint the wall, or paint after fixing some water damage. The home painters come out prepared for the agreed job and prep all surfaces. The prep phase usually involves fixing ceiling blemishes, repairing drywall, filling holes, taking care of bruised corners, et cetera.

Let us encourage you to contact our team if you just want a popcorn ceiling removed and finished. Or if you just want wallpaper removed and the wall painted or new wallpaper installed. Or, if you are currently faced with drywall damage and you want some patching or even drywall installation and painting. We are at your disposal for any relevant work and any house painting in Scarborough and are ready to answer your questions. Fire away!