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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Whether your home is full of moldings or only some conventional trims, refreshing their color once in a while will only do good. Available for crown molding and trim painting in Scarborough, Ontario, our company is fully prepared to serve all relevant needs.

What’s the most important thing about entrusting the job to House Painters Scarborough? Apart from our team’s experience in such projects, we also know everything there’s to know about moldings. All painters have knowledge about all materials and so, properly prep and finish them. Whether you want all or some moldings painted at your Scarborough home, the most experienced team is at your service.

Crown molding painting and trim painting in Scarborough

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Scarborough

For Scarborough crown molding and trim painting, choose our company. Moldings of all types basically play a decorative role. Having the crown painted with the wrong coating will only do damage to your living room or dining room design. It’s all about taking into account all things relevant to the project. Therefore, it’s no wonder our team sends pros out at the very beginning to inspect the moldings and all things about them, like their condition and material. This way, they can have a full picture of what’s needed and are able to provide the required consultation and estimate. If you are interested in getting a free quote and advice for molding painting, get in touch with our team.

Have all trims and moldings painted properly – expert house painters

When you entrust trim painting to our company, be sure that all moldings are properly cleaned and prepped, as required. As is often the case, the pros need to fill some cracks and take care of flaws before they sand and finish. The way the job is carried out ensures fantastic results. Of course, the service may involve all trims in the house.

  •          Crown molding painting. Crowns decorate the upper part of walls, at the point the wall meets the ceiling. The crown may be painted the same color with the wall or a different hue, if you prefer to have the crown stand out.
  •          Baseboard painting. The baseboards are often painted along with the crowns, since they are usually painted to match.
  •          Picture/chair rail painting. If there are any wall decorative trims in your home, they can be painted. They are usually painted a different color from that of the wall to make a statement.
  •          Window/door trim painting. Windows and doors usually have a casing around them. These trims are also painted along with the doors and windows.

The trims and moldings in your house can be painted individually, if you want to add some drama to your interior or for any other reason. But painting trims can be combined with painting walls and doors. Since we have experience with all painting jobs, interior and exterior, and all materials and types of moldings, don’t hesitate to contact us for the job. Go ahead and get a free quote for crown molding and trim painting. Scarborough’s best painters are at your service.